San Jose 311 is a service run by the City which allows residents to efficiently report common issues and have them solved in a timely manner. San Jose 311 takes many forms: it is a mobile app, which can be downloaded on any smartphone; it is a website, which can be accessed here; it is also a phone support line, which can be reached by dialing 311. 


You can report abandoned vehicles, graffiti, illegal dumping, potholes, streetlight outages, or other basic issues using 311. You are also able to access various residential trash and recycling resources such as junk pickup, container replacements, collection schedules, and more. 


It is recommended that residents create 311 accounts so that they can keep track of all requests processed by 311. New accounts can be created by pressing the "Sign Up" button. You will also be prompted to sign up for a new account once filing your first request. 



When filing requests, it is best to be as explicit as possible so that City staff can respond to the issue easily. It is strongly recommended to attach pictures as well. 


Visit this website for frequently asked questions about 311.  


Many residents have asked about how the City handles abandoned vehicles– this article explains the exact criteria for abatements of a vehicle. 


Lastly, please see below for the response times according to the type of request. You can view the support article here.