1) Outdoor Supply Hardware Information:


Not Accepted:


Note: Cannot be empty, without the original label, or leaking

  • Spray Paint (Aerosol paints)
  • Paints for Auto/Marine use
  • Arts and Crafts Paint
  • Paint additives, colorants, tints, resins
  • Roof patch and repair paint
  • Solvents, Paint thinners, mineral spirits
  • Caulking compounds, epoxies, glues, adhesives
  • Deck Cleaners
  • Coatings with two components (EX: epoxy)
  • Tar, asphalt and bitumen products
  • Road paints
  • Wood preservatives with pesticides
  • Industrial Maintenance (IM) coatings
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer shoe application paints and finishes
  • Stains
  • Primer, Sealer, Undercoating
  • Deck coatings and floor paints (can be with elastomeric)
  • Shellacs, lacquers, varnishes, urethanes (one component)
  • Waterproofing concrete/stone/wood sealers and repellents (no tar or bitumen-based, see the not accepted)
  • Metal coatings, Rust preventing coatings
  • Field and lawn paints
  • Interior and exterior paints: latex, acrylic, water based, alkyd, oil based, enamel, and textured coatings


2) PaintCare Recycling Program:  (resource from City website on ESD page ) (The accepted/not accepted list is the same as Outdoor Supply Hardware)

Find A Location Nearby HERE: https://www.paintcare.org/states/california/#/everyone 

3) Santa Clara County Program for Household Hazardous Waste: (takes paint, paint thinner, and all toxic, hazardous paint-related products)

Safety Guidelines:

  • Face coverings will be worn by all staff and will be required for all residents dropping off waste.  Please note, residents may be turned away if they arrive without a face covering.
  • For the safety and well being of the public and our staff, have all of the waste in the rear of the vehicle and not in the passenger areas.  For regular vehicles place the waste in the trunk, for trucks place the waste in the bed and for SUVs/hatchbacks place the waste at the rear of the vehicle.
    • Do not have any non-waste items in or around the waste in order for the waste being disposed to be easily identifiable.
    • Have the waste in disposable containers as no containers will be returned (totes, boxes, crates, etc…).

HHW drop-off Locations:


4) Link to Recycling Guide for San Jose: https://sanjoserecycles.org/guide/paint/ 

What Paint Can Be Recycled/ Put in Garbage (In your home recycling bin)?