In order to report a homeless encampment, please email the City’s Homeless Concerns Team at Be as explicit as possible when describing the location and nature of the encampment, so that Homeless Concerns staff is better able to address your concern. 

Please note that, due to COVID-19, Homeless Concerns has halted encampment abatements (i.e. relocating encampments) except for cases in which the encampment poses an immediate public safety risk. Homeless Concerns should still be able to coordinate trash removal and outreach efforts to offer other services, such as shelter (as available) and mental health counseling. If you copy our office on your email, we will be sure to follow up with them as well on your behalf.

Finally, if you’re interested in what Councilmember Mahan is doing to address homelessness, please see the FAQ article entitled "What can we do about homelessness in San José?"